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We Decided On Forever Wall Art

There are many ways to make these modern popular word wall art! Follow along as to how I made this amazing piece for our bedroom!

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Supplies Needed:

(2) 1x2x8 boards *I used Pine

(1) 1/4 inch 2'x4' plywood 

Stain *I used this

Brad Nailer

Brad Nails

Wood Glue

3M Hangers


Permanent Vinyl 

Table Saw

Miter Saw

Tape Measure

How to:

  1. Measure the longest side of your plywood, you'll want to make the trim piece 1 inch longer than the plywood. So on a 2'x4' ply, the actual dimensions are  23.75-in x 47.75, you would cut the longest piece at 48 3/4 inches. 
  2. Cut two 48 3/4 boards, don't cut an 8 ft board in half as it won't be the correct measurement. 
  3. Measure and do the same for the shorter end of your project. Example: on the 2x4 its actually 23 3/4 so cut your lengths to 24 3/4. 
  4. You can lay out your project and make sure everything seems to fit and line up right. 
  5. Miter corners: You don't have to miter the corners but I feel it makes for a nicer look. Cut your corners at a 30 degree angle making sure to keep your length. Be mindful of which way the angle needs to face to frame your corners.
  6. Make a groove: I used a table saw, since I don't have a router yet, to cut a 1/4 in groove down the middle of all the framing pieces. 
  7. I painted my plywood with just random white paint I had laying around the house. I think it was trim paint honestly. 
  8. Stained the framing pieces with this stain
  9. Once everything is dry - dry fit your project to make sure everything fits.
  10. Apply glue in the grooves and fit all back together
  11. Used a brad nailer to nail 2 nails into the corners of the project 
  12. Allow time for the wood glue to dry. 
  13. I used my circut to cut out my wording in permanent vinyl - you can buy my editable digital download here to cut yourself (coming soon). Of you can buy the vinyl here pre cut and ready to apply to your project here (coming soon)! 
  14. As always, I attached to the wall with this amazing 3M product and its been up for almost a year now! So simple. So beautiful! 

Please leave a like or comment if you need anything further explained, I made this about a year ago and explained how to make it through memory! I'll be sure to get better pictures of the process on my next build! 

I'd love to hear from you, message me! Send me your builds and I'll feature you and your build in a post! 

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