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DIY Hexagon Wall Art

How cute and stylish are these cheap and easy DIY hexagon wall shelves?!

These wall shelves were very easy to make. A little time consuming but definitely beginner level. I made these a few months ago, and just got around to hanging them up. Now all I need are a few plants to go on and it will be perfect in our master bedroom.

You can customize the size of this project depending the size of wall you have or area you are wanting to cover.

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Supplies Needed:

(3) 1x4x8 boards *I used cheap non treated pine

  • Depending on the size of your hexagons and how many your are making will make a difference on board length. I measured out and made sure I got optimal cuts from my length. We went with 1x4x10.

Wood Glue

Brad Nailer

Brad Nails

3M Poster Hanging Strips

Tape Measure


Sand Paper (180 & 220)

Miter Saw

Wood Stain



Foam Brush

What you’ll end up making are 5 individual hexagons, if you are following my example. You can make as many hexagons as you’d like and puzzle them together to make adorable honey comb type designs.

Begin Cutting:

I started off by cutting each board at 9 inches in length. Making sure to measure one cut at a time. DON’T pre-measure all your cuts out. Make one cut at a time and then measure and mark the next cut. The reason for this is the saw will take off (the width of the blade 1/8 inch) more than just your line you drew. It also makes a difference if you cut to the right of the line, center on line, or on the left of the line you drew. Make sure you put your blade in the same spot for each cut.

After every end is cut, I went and roughly filed the edges if there were any splinters handing from cutting.

Cut out 6 boards per hexagon shelf. I made 5 shelves so I cut out 30 9 inch boards. 

Once all the boards are cut. Then you need to go back and cut your angles at 30 degrees. I didn’t measure for this one, I just made sure I lined the blade up right at the point of the end of the board. The piece you cut off will look like a tiny triangle. Take your miter saw and angle it to 30 degrees. Cut your boards into a trapezoid shape where both angled cuts go in towards the center of the board. It may be helpful to layout your design as your cutting to be sure your cutting the angles correctly. Its easy to make mistakes, mistakes are okay, but I try to avoid them.  

Begin Assembling:

Now its time to assemble. I mocked up the hexagon, to make sure I had all the perfect ones facing up the way I wanted and to allow the edges to match the best.

What I did was, I made two half circles with three boards each. This made joining the final two ends together easier in case of misalignment with the cuts.

I applied a little wood glue to the inside edge and used a brad nailer to nail the first two boards together. Then attach the third board. After that, make the second half circle. Once you’ve done that, attached the two half circles and then you completed your first hexagon!

After assembling all the hexagons, I went over all the brad nail holes and seams with filler. Once this dried, I went over with a palm sander and smoothed out all the edges and did a quick smoothing over all the entire surface with 220 grit sand paper.

Begin finishing:

I applied only 1 coat of Early American stain to the shelves but you can apply more until you reached your desired color.

Allow this to dry according to the directions on the can.

**BEWARE** please dispose of your rags according to the back of the container, stain soaked rags may spontaneously combust and I always put them in a bucket of water when I'm done. 

Then I applied 3 coats of polyurethane clear coat semi-gloss. Follow dry time according to the directions on the can.

Begin Hanging:

I love love love using the 3M Command velcro type double sided strips!  Click here to find the ones I use! Nailing holes into my wall just makes me cringe. There are times when it is necessary, but I avoid it at all costs!

Before I started hanging my shelves I laid them out on the floor to align them just right. Then I applied two of the 3M Command strips to the back and stuck them up on the wall. Follow the directions on the back of the 3M Command Strip package on how to properly adhere items to your wall.

I made this set for around $30!!! So cheap and easy DIY hexagon wall shelves.

Please send me a message with your completed projects! I'd love to see your work and even make a brag post about you! 

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