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100 Day of School Shirt! No expensive equipment!


DIY 100 Days of School Shirt!

With all the fancy circuits and silhouette machines available today, its so tempting to go out and buy one! Sometimes you can find them at rock bottom prices and its totally worth it! 

Before die cutters were popular, I used plain ol' stencils! And they worked great! Especially for those quick, only going to wear once, shirts the kids have to have on their special days! 

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Supplies Needed: 

Plain Tshirt



Letter Stencils

Fabric Paint or permanent marker

Hot Glue Gun

Hot Glue Sticks



  1. I first tried to arrange the pompoms on the shirt the best I could. After that I laid out the stencils and eye balled sizing.
  2. Then I started with the lettering. 
  3. Once the lettering was done, I attached the pompoms on with hot glue, no rhyme to reason to this, I just attached until it formed a huge balloon! 
  4. Then I attached ribbon at the bottom in a triangle form.
  5. After that, I made a bow and then attached the bow where the ribbon met at the bottom.
  6. Then I added another set of ribbon dangling under the 100 


This was so easy and simple anyone could do it! 


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